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Welcome to the Pacific Coast Academy, a high school role play of teenagers, drama, and gossip. Create a character and find a way to escape from reality, or bring a different reality to life.
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 Hanging out!

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Hanging out! Empty
PostSubject: Hanging out!   Hanging out! EmptySun May 24, 2009 2:59 pm

Charlie and Katy were sitting there at a circular lounge table talking. A laptop was infront of Charlie and there was a notebook full of doodles in front of Katy,
"Oh, wow, that's interesting," Charlie said while looking at the laptop and Katy looked up.
"Scientists have apparantly found the missing link," replied Charlie.
"To what?" asked Katy.
"To the evolution, I think its wack," she said and Katy shrugged.
That's how these besties were, they would talk about random stuff.
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Hanging out!
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