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Welcome to the Pacific Coast Academy, a high school role play of teenagers, drama, and gossip. Create a character and find a way to escape from reality, or bring a different reality to life.
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 Rules to read

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PostSubject: Rules to read   Mon May 18, 2009 5:58 pm

Members of PCA, welcome.
There are a few rules to abide by.
The first is to have fun! Cliche, yes, but it is oh so true.
Along with that, please try to be active, friendly and welcoming.
(Although that doesn't pertain to the roleplaying; you can be add as much drama as you want C: )
When role-playing, please talk in a literate manner.
I understand that ideas just appear, so be sure to use some form of ooc and bic when necessary.
Please no power-playing, and try to limit one-liners. Both of these situations can make it difficult for others to respond.
Always remember to respect people's ideas and suggestions.
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Rules to read
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